Why Financial Independence?

Financial independence is about having choices. I see so many women who are trapped in miserable marriages because they are financially needy or dependent on their husbands or women who are in jobs they hate because they need that steady paycheck. In my opinion they stay because they’ve chosen ‘security’ over self-esteem. That to me is the biggest crime of all. Many women choose an unhappy situation or environment for financial reasons, and then they say “money’s not that important”. Money plays a bigger role in women’s lives than most of us will admit. If you had all the money in the word are there just maybe a few things you’d be doing differently in your life? Money has the power to keep a woman trapped or to set her free. It’s up to her.

What is exactly financial independence? Does it means you have a high-paying job and can support yourself? Does it means you’ve saved up a lump sum of money to last you to the next 30 or 40 years? Is it based on a much-anticipated inheritance? Or even alimony? For many people financial freedom translates to : I’m going to work until I’m 65 and then retire. It is also not rocket science. It’s not complicated. It simply takes some time, education, and common sense. However it is not necessarily easy. It does take time and education. It will not happen overnight.